District Administration Karlstadt | Germany
Conference Room

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The aim of ensuring proper room acoustics in a conference room from the 1960s is a major challenge. On the one hand, there are high demands on speech intelligibility to enable free speech, while on the other hand, the acoustic measures should not be the main focus of design.

The constructional measures were determined by means of an acoustic expert opinion. The reverberation time of 0.62 sec to be achieved by this was to ensure excellent speech intelligibility in the conference room. Acoustic panels were covered with a textile surface digitally printed with the coats of arms of the municipality and the district

These acoustic panels absorb the direct sound. A new suspended ceiling was constructed with a class C absorber in order to increase the sound level absorbing capacity. Panel curtains in front of the windows were used to reduce the cross reflection of the sound.

The projected results were confirmed by a sound level measurement to determine the reverberation times.