SCHIENBEIN+PIER is a nationally and internationally renowned interior architecture studio.
The relevance of our work is characterized by the design of social interaction in spaces and is reflected in a consistently sustainable approach, the implicit inclusion of digital systems in all planning and implementation processes, as well as the focus on people with the goal of the greatest possible accessability.
With curiosity and respect for the people of the different cultures within which the office works, the requirement to constantly come up with new ideas for interior design is encouraged.
Especially in the projects in the field of preventive health promotion in hotels and communal facilities, we develop a composed interplay of different disciplines and scientific evidence, which then in the implementation through the use of authentic materials, appropriate constructions, supportive lighting and innovative technology prove the practical value and strength of our concepts.

Claudia Schienbein

Interior Architect
Graduate Designer (FH)
AKBW bdia


Distinctive analytical, organisational and communicative skills and special perseverance in implementing projects distinguish Claudia Schienbein as an interior designer. She knows how to constructively drive ideas and projects forward and to balance the interests of those involved in the project. According to the principle »If the vision is there, the means will follow.« (Faith Popcorn) she ensures the optimum implementation of complex national and international interior design projects at a high quality level.


CV – Born in Bochum, Germany, Claudia Schienbein completed her interior design studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Trier, Germany. Before she founded the office SCHIENBEIN+PIER together with René Pier in 2000, she worked for various renowned architectural firms in Stuttgart. Since 2012 she has also been a volunteer for the AKBW (Chamber of Architects Baden-Württemberg).

René Pier

Interior Architect
Graduate Designer (FH)
AKBW bdia aed


Extensive knowledge, outstanding creativity, passionate commitment and his enduring – youthful – thirst for knowledge and curiosity are qualities for which René Pier is valued in national and international interior design projects. Innovation is not just a buzzword for him, but is based on many years of professional experience and constant interdisciplinary debate in order to apply it in a beneficial way, preferably as a strategic instrument.


CV – Born in Aachen, Germany, René Pier studied interior design at the University of Applied Sciences in Trier and at Kansas State University / USA. Afterwards he founded his own office, from which the office SCHIENBEIN+PIER emerged in 2000. Parallel to his work in the office, René Pier has taught as an assistant lecturer at the HFT (University of Applied Sciences for Technology) in Stuttgart in the IMIAD (International Master of Interior- Architectural Design) master’s course since 2016. As a Member of the Executive Board, Architects’ Chamber Baden-Württemberg, and through his extensive lecturing activities, René Pier is networked in the business worldwide.

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At home in Stuttgart…
In the Lehenviertel in Stuttgart-South, Germany, you will find our lovingly restored atelier which was formerly a painters‘ workshop and most recently an art gallery. In Römerstrasse 65, near Marienplatz, where we can work in a wonderful way with a lot of light and the relation to the quarter.

… working for you everywhere
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