The sauna area is part of the new public bath in Sindelfingen with its own setting in architecture and experience. Here, health and conviviality are in the focus as part of the provision of public services, entirely in the sense of a Volks-SPA, (People SPA).

A short film was created to visually support the spatial program and the previous approaches and considerations regarding materiality and quality of stay.
Overlapping exemplary scenarios were visualized in which the atmosphere and experience of the space can be felt without showing it as a shell or fully formed architecture. This was done to inspire the subsequent competition and design process.

For this purpose, a story was developed from the point of view of a visitor in the future.
The inner voice of a professional speaker guides the visitor through the sauna journey, supported by sound collages that define the place in more detail and charge it with atmosphere. Through mental immersion, the viewer becomes strongly involved and is ready to accept the future use and impression.
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