The Creative Space is an additive component to the traditional conference rooms of the Dorint conference hotels and is supposed to be established in the sense of a pop-up shop. It has therefore been developed to be scalable. The design of the Creative Space refers to the respective hotel and reflects its individual and regional history („storytelling“). It becomes a „brand icon“.
The defining feature is the „nomadic furniture concept“ which offers incentives for workshop participants to also like to walk around or to encounter each other in a playful way. Depending on the setting, rooms can be added or separated. The height of the pendant luminaires made of acoustically effective material can be changed so that the degree of acoustic and visual privacy is determined by the participants themselves.
The zoning of communication in the room is made clear by carpet tiles that change not only in colour but also in pile height. In addition to functional elements of the room, inspiration aids such as objects, art, books in the so-called „Wunderkammer“ (chamber of curiosities) are housed in the glass shelf.
Photos Klaus Lorke