A young couple with a child succeeded in buying a house with a garden in the popular half-height location in the Stuttgart district of Heslach, Germany.
In keeping with the generous view, the small-scale layout of 1920 was replaced by an open, contemporary floor plan. This was possible by installing steel constructions which are harmoniously integrated in the living-dining area in a discreet colour.
Moderate corrections in the valley-sided main facade and a steel balcony in front of it break up the introversion of the house on the one hand, but also extend the living space to the outside.
The newly won openness and generosity of space of the rooms is underlined by a few characteristic materials and a discreet lighting concept. Original components which are worth preserving keep the identity of the house.

The bedroom and bathroom were transformed into a room continuum with a glass partition wall. The converted attic space provides a bright surprise by deliberately avoiding rusticity and offering a view of the surrounding countryside.